• A bipartisan group of United States lawmakers have introduced the National AI Commission Act – a bill to establish a commission to study the country’s approach toward artificial intelligence (AI).
• The primary objective of the act revolves around establishing regulations in the AI industry, such as consumer protection.
• Experts and stakeholders from various industries are expected to take part in formulating a comprehensive framework for effective AI regulation.

US Lawmakers Introduce National AI Commission Act

A group of United States lawmakers introduced a bill on June 20th, 2021 to establish a commission on the approach toward artificial intelligence (AI). This bipartisan National AI Commission Act was introduced by Representatives Ted Lieu, Ken Buck and Anna Eshoo with an aim to address potential risks associated with AI technology. Through collective efforts from experts, government officials, industry representatives and labor stakeholders, this commission will provide recommendations for effective regulations in the AI industry.

Objectives of National AI Commission Act

The primary objective of this act is to establish regulations in the AI industry including consumer protection. Such measures are necessary to prevent harm that could arise from unregulated use of Artificial Intelligence. The proposed commission will bring together all relevant stakeholders and formulate a comprehensive framework for regulating Artificial Intelligence.

Support for National AI Commission Act

Merve Hickok, president of the Center for AI and Digital Policy voiced her support for this initiative. She stated that it is timely and crucial as it would facilitate public involvement in shaping U.S.’s Artificial Intelligence strategy. Furthermore, influential figures like Elon Musk have been emphasizing on implementing measures to moderate pace of advancement in Artificial Intelligence which has added weightage to this initiative proposed by U.S lawmakers.

European Union’s Reaction

Consumer protection groups in European Union (EU) have also urged regulators recently to investigate models behind popular chatbots while Sam Altman CEO of OpenAI creator ChatGPT has expressed his concerns regarding urgent need to regulate Artificial Intelligence effectively through his statements..


The proposal put forward by US lawmakers is an important step towards regulating Artificial Intelligence (AI) effectively so as to ensure safety from any potential harms arising out due its use unregulated use . It is encouraging that both EU and US are taking steps towards moderating advancement of Artificial Intelligence with their respective initiatives .

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