• KryptosChain suggests that the crypto market is likely rounding the last corner of a bear market, and sentiment and money flow are steadily improving.
• He believes that the Bitcoin halving in 2021 will be the main driver for a new bull market in 2024.
• When investing in crypto projects, KryptosChain recommends both looking at the team’s goals, as well as who are the market makers behind it.

Crypto Market Rounding Last Corner of Bear Market

KryptosChain explains that sentiment and money flow in the cryptocurrency space is steadily improving, possibly indicating that we are rounding the corner of a bear market. The upcoming Bitcoin halving next year will be an important driver for starting a new bull run sometime in 2024.

Investment Considerations

When considering investing in crypto projects, KryptosChain suggests looking into both aspects: what are the team’s goals and aspirations, as well as who are the market makers behind it.

Polkadot Ecosystem Upgrades

KryptosChain is enthusiastic about recent changes to Polkadot’s ecosystem and sees them as timely improvements to its development progress.

Roadmap vs Token Price

Content creator KryptosChain explains why a project’s roadmap and token price are essential to its success when discussing current state of affairs in terms of investments.


In conclusion, KryptosChain urges investors to consider both aspects: project roadmap and token price when making decisions regarding their investments into cryptocurrency projects – especially those belonging to Polkadot’s ecosystem.

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