• Mike McGlone of Bloomberg Intelligence believes a global economic reset could send Bitcoin prices down to $10,000.
• Aptos Network has partnered with Daehong Communications, the marketing business owned by Lotte Group, to provide the back end for their reward system.
• McGlone still holds some hope that Bitcoin will reach $200,000 unless a global economic reset occurs.

Global Economic Reset Could Push Bitcoin Prices Down

Bloomberg Intelligence’s Mike McGlone believes that a potential “global economic reset” could see the price of Bitcoin (BTC) pushed down to levels not seen since mid-2020 – as low as $10,000. He suggested that troubling economic indicators from China reportedly show signs its economy is slowing down and this could be the catalyst for the next big global bust.

Aptos Buddies With Lotte

Aptos Network announced their partnership with Daehong Communications – the marketing business owned by multi-industry conglomerate Lotte Group. The mainnet of Aptos will host rewards earned through playing various games in Bellyland – an upcoming online virtual world created by Daehong Communications.

McGlone Still Hopeful For BTC Price Reaching $200K

Despite suggesting a possible drop of Bitcoin prices to $10K due to an impending ‘global economic reset’, Mike McGlone still holds some hope it will hit $200K in the future – unless such a reset actually happens. He pointed out that before the big liquidity pump last year, Bitcoin was hovering around $10K and on-chain metrics have increased since then; however he considers it as one of the best performing assets ever even if it drops to this level again.


The potential of a global economic reset has brought up different opinions regarding the future performance of Bitcoin – while Mike McGlone thinks we may experience a drop below current prices, he also believes there is hope for reaching values close to 200K in the future; on another note, Aptos Network partnership with Lotte Group may open up great opportunities for blockchain technology and help increase its adoption even further.

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